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Modern-Day Vikings provides a window into what one world traveler called the most American of European countries: Sweden.

The Swedish and American cultures look a lot alike, at least on the surface. Most Swedes speak good English and consider themselves experts on all things American. More than two million Americans count themselves as descendants of Swedish immigrants and believe they understand their cultural heritage.

But surface similarities conceal essential differences on everything from how to make business decisions to when and where to take off your shoes!

Modern-Day Vikings traces some of Sweden's most ingrained cultural traits-self-sufficiency, fairness and egalitarianism-back to its Viking roots. It also debunks some of the stereotypes that mark Sweden's image abroad, such as a preoccupation with sex or predilection for suicide. Most importantly, though, it explains the underlying values and beliefs that drive Swedish culture and communications, setting the stage for successful interactions on both sides.

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