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In Modern-Day Vikings, you'll learn about:

  • Swedish History from the Vikings to the Welfare State
  • The Rise of the Swedish Model
  • The Four S's: Sex, Suicide, Socialism and Spirits
  • National Pride: A Matter of Romance
  • The Individual and the Group: Self-Sufficiency and Solidarity
  • The Lagom Phenomenon
  • Jantelagen: Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Equality Above All
  • The Seasons and Their Power: Winter, Summer and Holiday Swedes
  • Communication: The Sound of Silence
  • Manners: Swedish Customs Simplified
  • Doing Business in Sweden: Competition versus Consensus

    An excerpt from Modern-Day Vikings:

"We take our histories with us, wherever we go. The Vikings' sense of democracy and egalitarianism within the group live on in modern Sweden. Swedish women today pride themselves on self-sufficiency and independence and are unlikely to accept a subservient role on the job or at home. A foreign businessperson, confronted with Sweden's flat management style, could ask to talk to the boss and receive a response frustratingly similar to the one [a French envoy once received on a Viking vessel]: 'We are all chiefs.' Rather than a collective society, Sweden is one of like-minded individuals, working together."

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